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Rafaello & Blackberry Cheesecake

Hello everyone! I've pulled out all the stops this time and oh my god was it worth it. I saw a recipe for a blackberry and Rafaello ice-cream this week and since I don't have an ice-cream maker and I can't be bothered to churn it by hand I decided to come up with a… Continue reading Rafaello & Blackberry Cheesecake



I love this recipe, and I know dark chocolate and mango might sound like a strange flavour combo to some people, but it really works for me. The cheesecake has a nice crunchy biscuit base and there's pecan nuts for some extra crunch! And the best thing, you can replace the mango with loads of… Continue reading DARK CHOCOLATE & MANGO CHEESECAKE


The Russian Picking Cake – German Cheesecake Variation

Hi guys, today I want to introduce you to my favourite German cheesecake - the Russian Picking Cake, or Russischer Zupfkuchen in German. It gets it's name from little picked off bits of shortcrust pastry that get scattered across the top and give the moist filling a chocolatey bite. It's unclear where exactly the cake… Continue reading The Russian Picking Cake – German Cheesecake Variation